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IT Service

The IT service is mainly based on maintaining the technological infrastructure of the school making sure it is working appropriately and promoting the use of the new technologies in the classes and in the rest of the departments in the school.

Resolution of problems

The incidences that are caused by the approximate 300 machines that the school has, as the telecom net and the applications of the academic management or administrative management, are solved by an internal system of incidence management.
The incidences that affect mainly parents and students are solved, initially via the secretary of the school calling  93 444 90 00 or face to face in the school. Those ones that cannot be solved immediately are directed to the computers service, which in turn will provide the solution to reception or send an e-mail to the affected person. 

Promotion and maintenance of the technological infrastructure

Every year, the technological necessities of all departments of the school are studied and  some proposals of improvement and/or renovation are put forward. If the budget for the following year has enough funding, these proposals are carried out. 

These proposals affect the renovation of the computers and equal devices and the physical and logical infrastructure of the data communications.

The computer service is also in charge of  web creation, coordination and the management of the contents. 

It keeps in touch with all the other departments of the school constantly, in order to study how to optimize the processes with technological programs or devices.

Internal training

Different internal formations are made:
. Resolution of doubts in programs and machines.
. Adaptation courses to new tools.
. New tools promotion that can contribute to the improvement of the class dynamic
. Logistic processes related with services managed with computing applications.