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IPSI - Escola concertada Barcelona

Escola concertada de Barcelona


In June 1999, our own magazine, EL FIL, was created, to inform, communicate and enclose school and families;
We want it to be a thread of communication to the participation of all the educative community: students, families, staff or any other person who is vinculated to IPSI and has something to say.
In their beginnings and during some years, the magazine was printed three times per year: before Christmas, before Easter and before summer holidays. From issue 48 and on, in May 2015, the magazine was not printed anymore and it started to have a digital form, which has all advantages. 
We want to give an alive and a real image of our trajectory. From our different sections we try to bring close to the educative community the news, informations and individualised or collective opinions about inner issues of the school, always, with an open perspective to the world.

ElFil: The magazine from the school

You can access to the ElFil at this link:

First magazines

The previous first digital version:


Comte Borrell, 243-249
08029 Barcelona
Tel. 93 444 90 00

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