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IPSI - Escola concertada Barcelona

Escola concertada de Barcelona

Maintenance Service

The Maintenance Service looks after the good state of health of the School’s building. It’s responsible for the repairs and the devices installation and the necessary machines for the good functioning of the day to day. It also manages and carries out the cleaning of all the spaces of the buildings.

Resolution of incidents

The Service has an alert system which allows any worker to detect an anomaly, malfunction or breakage in any part of the infrastructure of the buildings. This is the first step so that the coordinators of each space can solve it with minimal impact on the school’s life.

New facilities

This Service is also responsible for the new electrical and mechanical installations which are necessary year after year, as well as the technological ones, coordinated with the Department of Computing.

Equipment maintenance

All heating systems, air conditioners, kitchen machinery, ventilation systems, swimming pool and many other facilities are subject to a constant and preventative maintenance that helps to reduce the incidence rate significantly.

Water maintenance

It is also the responsibility of this Service to guarantee the healthy state of water, whether used to drink or to cook, as well as the rest, such as that of the swimming pools.

Hygiene of buildings

Cleaning and disinfection of all spaces is the most necessary and visible task that this Service manages, which also includes the waxing and grinding of floors,painting and the good state of walls and ceilings.