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  • Learning to share
    Learning to share
  • Teamwork

Pre-School Education (3-6 years old)

To be, to know, to communicate and to learn how to coexist
Pre-school education is a decisive school stage in a person’s education. In IPSI, we foster the idea that children develop skills that enable them grow as a person in a quiet, human atmosphere. We contribute to their emotional, affective, social, cognitive and physical development, providing confidence and predisposition for learning.

Academic framework (learning how to know and communicate)

Academic framework (learning how to know and communicate) Academic framework (learning how to know and communicate)

We foster the ability to think, to organize themselves and to create so that they are able to learn how to learn, to make their learning meaningful by using strategies related to logical thought (analysis, synthesis, and deduction). We stimulate cognitive abilities: perception, attention, memory, comprehension, creativity, communication, expression and manual skills.
We work on formative sequences by means of cross-curricular topics that include each field of knowledge. We enhance observation, listening, handling, experimentation and creativity. We incorporate learning based on projects and games. We foster collaborative learning and team work. We introduce sequential learning through robotics in P5.
We create nice atmospheres in order that the children can put into practice and improve all types of languages (verbal, visual, plastic, mathematic, digital) and find their way to communicate, represent, create and express themselves. We give value to the formulation of questions as a pedagogical and learning tool. In order to make it possible we have a solid teaching staff: 12 tutors, 6 teachers (Music, English, Motor skills, Swimming), 4 support educators. Besides, every week the students have 2 h of Music, 1,5 h of English, 1h of Motor skills and Swimming in our own swimming pool.

Human framework (learning how to be)

Human framework (learning how to be) Human framework (learning how to be)

We educate students in those human values that will allow them to grow in self-confidence, respect towards others and tolerance, in collaboration, patience and autonomy.
We help them grow with affection and foster dialogue as a tool for them to recognize their own emotions as well as the others’. We help them be autonomous by making them repeat certain everyday routines ( habits ) and get used to a timetable and rules.
- Induction plan at the beginning of P3 with three teachers per class.
- Daily contact between family and tutors. 

Social and cultural framework (learning how to coexist)

Social and cultural framework (learning how to coexist) Social and cultural framework (learning how to coexist)

Games and daily tasks make it possible for students to establish social relationships. We work so that the relationship between equals and adults in the school is satisfactory. Our education is based on respect towards people, things and the environment. We encourage cooperative learning and we try to transform the classroom into a little learning community where the students participate in an active way. We do activities that enhance respect to the environment (reduce, reuse, recycle).
We celebrate our cultural traditions (La Mercè, Castanyada, Christmas, Carnival, Easter, Sant Jordi’s Day and the school major festivity). We do leisure, musical, artistic and gastronomic activities and we go on school trips related to music, art and our own natural and social environment.

Diversity outreach

Diversity outreach Diversity outreach

We understand diversity as each person’s singularity. We defend an integrating model that enables all the students to realize their full potential. Consequently, we offer each student the opportunity to see how they progress, learn and develop their own capacities to their full and that others value the student’s effort and learning progress.
Depending on each student’s characteristics, we adjust resources and pedagogical strategies related to teaching methods (plans and working strategies), teaching organization (co-teaching and small groups) and student organization (cooperative work).
We also offer stimulating activities to those kids who need to improve diction and/or have difficulty when they speak.
When necessary, a personalized syllabus is implemented
We carry out an exhaustive tutorial action plan with the students and there is a direct, continuous contact with their families.
IPSI also has its own Educative Orientation Service.