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Escola ipsi

Si us plau, gira el mòbil per veure bé la web. Gràcies!

IPSI - Escola concertada Barcelona

Escola concertada de Barcelona

Multimedia library service

You will find resources for the training of the different curricular areas and for the search of information. It promotes the habit of reading and fosters activities in order to enable the autonomy of the students, and the construction of knowledge through the search, research and working with different information resources.

Access to the bibliographical news of the MEDIATECA


. Timetable: from 9 to 19h, attended by the library personal
. Wide documental  typology (more than 18.000 books, 35 periodic publications, DVD, books written by students...)

Personalised attention

. Weekly loans of books supervised by the teaching team
. Advising in the search of information
. Recommendation and help in the choice of readings
. Reservation of books

Support to the teaching team

. Specialised enquiries
. Preparation of the material for the classes depending on the teacher
. Monthly mailing of the summary of the magazines and bibliographical news

Promoting reading

. Travel bags
. Updating information
. Expositions

Activities in the search of information

. Let’s play being detectives: let’s discover the library!
. The mysterious world of the words.
. The fabulous world of the library
. We look for all the libraries

St. Jordi and the book festival

. Meeting between authors and students
. Presentation of new releases in classes
. Exposition in the festival of the books that are illustrated and written by students
. Author signatures