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Escola ipsi

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IPSI - Escola concertada Barcelona

Escola concertada de Barcelona

Educational Guidance Service

We have an educational guidance service with a key role in:

Technical assistance to the tutor and to the teaching team

Technical assistance to the tutor and to the teaching team in their pedagogical practices, with supporting instruments in their tutorial or educational tasks thinking which are the most suitable technical and didactic strategies, methodologies and evaluative ways in every situation.


Psicopedagogical intervention with the pupil

Psicopedagogical intervention with the student who has emotional, behavioural or learning difficulties, guiding and improving the different processes of personal growth, designing personalised attention plans.  

Support and advice to the families

Advice to the families in some different situations in the school and personal life, which need pedagogical intervention, in the center or an external intervention. We also offer reflection spaces and meetings with the parents (see Parental Area) because we think that being parents cannot be taught, but is a constant training.

Collaboration in inclusive projects

Collaboration in projects that foster the inclusive school. The implementation of the project Escola Amiga (see Friendly school).