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Lunch school service

The objectives of the Lunch School service of the students are:

. Following a balanced diet according to the different ages.
. Learning to eat correctly.
. Learning hygienic habits related to the food.
All the staff working in this service are coordinated by the school: kitchen auxiliars, cooks, supervisors and teachers. 

Menus of the week

Menu of P3-P4 - P5 -1st i 2nd - From 3rd

Next menus:

Menu of P3-P4 - P5 -1st i 2nd - From 3rd

The kitchen

The school menus supply a healthy intake, as they are balanced, varied and adapted to the characteristics and necessities of the students.
Seasonal products have priority and  we promote trying all kind of food.
The food is prepared in the school kitchen by our own staff, who plan, elaborate and distribute the food.

The program of the menus follow the frequencies that are recommended. For the first dishes: rice, pasta, legumes and vegetables; for the second dishes: meat, fish and egg; and for the desserts: fresh fruit every day, and, once a week, optional yogurt. The way of cooking the second dishes are: baked, stewed, grilled and fried (only once a week). 

From the moment in which the meal is prepared until it is distributed to the students, we are aware of the allergies and the alimentary intolerances, or any other health problem that needs any dietary modification.

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Lunch service plan

The lunch school service organises the timetable for the canteen, the activities at midday and the infants’ nap. 
When the students finish the morning lessons, they go directly to the canteen to have lunch, or they go to the playground until lunch time. Lunch time is, approximately, one hour, and includes washing their hands, taking the food and sitting down, having lunch and brushing their teeth.
Free time is spent in the different playgrounds of the school, where the students play freely. However, there are also organised tournaments and games with the grown-up students.   

During the midday break, the students are looked after by teachers and monitors.

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What else do we do at midday

Apart from the everyday lunches, we keep in mind the typical and traditional dishes during the course of the year: chestnut and sweet potatoes for the chestnut festival; stew and chicken with pine nuts and plums for Christmas, egg sausage and pork scratching cake for Dijous Gras, sardines and sweet fritters for Ash Wednesday; Catalan crème brûlée for Sant Josep, and the special lunch for Sant Jordi.
There are also organised special lunches, in which the students take part in the canteen’s decoration. 
. Mixed course lunch, in which all the students have lunch and play together, and the grown-ups help the youngest ones. 
. Voted menu, which means that the students of all courses, through their votes, choose the first dish, the second dish and the desserts.
. “Well eating” is an activity done by year 3 primary students, to celebrate that they eat the same food as the adults and that they can handle the cutlery correctly. In the last session of the activity, two parents of each group are invited to check what the children have learnt. 

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