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IPSI principal: Oriol Blancher IPSI principal: Oriol Blancher

Welcome to IPSI school. We would like to tell you about our school project, launched more than 50 years ago, which aims to train students to become citizens in the widest sense of the word.

Nowadays, we live in a demanding and changing world, which needs a strong education based on three clear pillars. Firstly, academic training following strategies based on knowledge and personal effort, in which students can prove themselves to be competent, which will enable them to go further in order to be able to build new concepts. Human training based on self-respect, respect towards others and their environment; one that helps students to become committed, active and sensitive citizens to other realities that surround them. Lastly, cultural education that makes it possible for them to be part of a project of society and country, where music, art, traditions, language, science, etc., play a paramount role.

We want to help our families to make their children’s education a path full of challenges, emotions and experiences so that they can grow up happy and competent to deal with the future they will be building.


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