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Escola ipsi

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IPSI - Escola concertada Barcelona

Escola concertada de Barcelona

  • Festival Arts Escèniques: pròpia força
    Pròpia força
  • Festival Arts Escèniques: espai de convivència
    Espai de convivència
  • Festival Arts Escèniques: multidisciplinar
  • Festival Arts Escèniques: consciència

Dramatic art school

The objective of this proposal is to contribute to the whole formation of people using the artistic language as an educative tool.
The body is the main integrative issue of the three centres of the person: mental, emotional and creative centre.
The festivals are multidisciplinary, so that in the same show the students from different activities take part: classic dance, hip-hop, creative dance, theatre, characterization make up and magic. 
. Access to the photos album of the dramatic arts.
. Access to the timetable and prices of the dramatic arts.

Creative dance

Creative dance Creative dance

The emotional aspect is listened to to give shape to impulses to create an own way to dance. It is not about dancing well but free expression through movement. 
Recommended to boys and girls that need to improve the connection with themselves  (autoknowledge), the expression of their emotions, the relation with the others or creative development. 


Magic tricks are learned with simple objects like: cards, wands, handkerchiefs, sponge balls, ropes, coins, balloons, and we train the composition and the structure of the show. 
Introduction to magic: for boys and girls from 10 to 12 years old.
Magic for boys and girls from 12 to 16 years old.


Theatre Theatre

We work:
. Corporal conscience 
. Space control
. Connection with emotions and expression
. Connection with others.
. Conscience and expression of the voice.
. Development of the unique creative potential of each student (improvisation and scenes creation)


Hip-Hop Hip-hop

To students between 8 and 18 years old.
We train:
. Basic collocation of the body
. Coordination strength-elasticity typical for dance.
. Motor coordination of hip-hop
. Rhythmical and melodic perception related to movement, agility.
. Control of space.
. Choreography:
  Development of group connection
  Connection with emotions and their expression
  Development of the unique creative potential of each student


Ballet Ballet

Ballet for students from 4 to 16 years old
We train the:
 Elementary collocation of the body
 Coordination power-elasticity belonging to the dance
 Motor coordination
 Rhythmic perception and melodic related to the movement
 Control of  space
  Development of group connection
  Connection with emotions and their expression
  Development of the unique creative potential of each student.

Make up and dramatic characterization

For students from 8 to 16 years old
We train the creation of theatre characters: monsters, vamps, princesses, fairies, clowns, epic characters, etc.
Special effects such as: wounds, injuries, tears, aging or rejuvenation, transpiration and body painting.
We use color palettes, latex, color water, and other creation tools.

Corporal expression

Corporal expression Corporal expression

Corporal expression for children from 3 to 5 years old.
We train the connection with our body as an owner of our emotions and as an expression and communication tool with others, through games.