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Escola ipsi

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IPSI - Escola concertada Barcelona

Escola concertada de Barcelona

Identity characteristics

The IPSI school identity is mainly defined by these following characteristics:

Catalan School

This school can be defined as a Catalan school. This catalanism is expressed by:

. The value is given to the language and the importance that is granted to the oral and written expression of Catalan. 

. The feeling of belonging that is inculcated to the students as Catalan citizens, who have an origin, a history and specific values which define them.

. The importance and solemnity with which the festivities at the school are celebrated and the facts that take part in our specific cultural heritage. 

This catalanism is complemented by a total respect to the cultural diversity among us.

Open School

We are an open school to everyone who firmly believes that all students are capable of progressing. To be able to achieve it, we must provide a well adapted education to the students necessities and we must supply the necessary conditions for individual progress and personal satisfaction.

Apart from that, we want to form open minded people, sensitive, respectful and compromised with the interests of the world we live in. We want them to become citizens of a plural and changing world, which needs cooperation to progress to a more fair society. 

Quality School

Ipsi quality derives from the singularity of an educative project in which the following characteristics stand out:

An academic plan that promotes the learning of the strategies and the structures of the mind and that provides resources to the student to be able to work alone during their own learning process.

A human training model that values self-autonomy and the responsible exercise of freedom, that stimulates the ability to discuss, promotes the search for the truth and enhances interest in science and culture. 

Academic results consolidated during the school trajectory and recognised by the students and families but also by the external social environment, such as the educative administration and some accredited certifying entities.