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Escola ipsi

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IPSI - Escola concertada Barcelona

Escola concertada de Barcelona


Mothers and Fathers Association (AMPA) groups all the families of the school with the aim of fostering the cohesion and the communication between the school and the families, stimulating the participation of the families in school life, and promoting a space to share and think. We protect our children’s education and spread the Catalan culture and traditions. 
The AMPA is organised in different committees and it has a board of directors that has a meeting every month.
Annually, during the first term of the course, we host the General Ordinary Assembly, in which all the families of the school are reunited. 

Principal Activities

Logo de l'AMPA de l'IPSI Logo de l'AMPA de l'IPSI

. We run a fund which helps in case of parental loss (FAO). The FAO is a voluntary and solidarity fund that covers the cost of the education of students in the case they become orphans, helping, in this way, the continuity of these students in our school. 
. We organise activities for the families during the course, to facilitate the meeting and the cohesion. We can emphasize the welcome party to all the families of P3 children, who are initiating their school life, and the annual AMPA party and the sports party.
. We organise different activities for the students: the extracurricular activity of chess, lessons of the traditional Catalan dance “sardanes”, participative quizzes and other activities for more grown-up students. 
We check if everything is going well during the different educative periods, having meetings with the directors of each stage. We meet every term with the school director and with a member of the Scholar’s Central Board and with the Municipal Scholar's Board.
. We constantly participate in the school life, as members of the editorial committee of the “El Fil” magazine, writing the “Family” section and participating as members of the jury in the Borges Neruda Prizes and of the Jocs Florals.
We promote informative chats about different issues of educative or familiar interests.
. We organise exchanges of textbooks between families of the school. 
. We foster the solidarity with the social AMPA. We participate annually in the Big Collection to the Food Bank and we work to find proposals that let us form a solidary net among families. 
. We keep communication with the community open through our webpage, through a periodic electronic newsletter, through the electronic address, and through a social network. 

  • Chess Workshop
    Chess Workshop
  • Sport Party
    Sport Party